Introducing the PWNAGE JXD!

  The Newest Release from The PWNAGE Project! Presenting the PWNAGE JXD, a special edition release of JXD’s S7800B. The same proven hardware from JXD, updated & upgraded by The PWNAGE Project More »

How Much Do We Bench? -PWNAGE Li Benchmark Scores

  We’ve been bragging about our PWNAGE Li for a while now, but we understand that up until this point it’s just been talk.  Talk is cheap. We have officially completed our More »

The PWNAGE Project – Indiegogo Campaign

SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The PWNAGE Project Launches Indiegogo Campaign for World’s First and Only Open Source Gaming Tablet, the PWNAGE Li Today marks the kickoff of the highly More »


Introducing the PWNAGE JXD!



The Newest Release from The PWNAGE Project!

Presenting the PWNAGE JXD, a special edition release of JXD’s S7800B. The same proven hardware from JXD, updated & upgraded by The PWNAGE Project Team! Featuring a Brand New PWNAGE ROM built on Android 4.2.2, we’ve taken the JXD to the next level by streamlining, optimizing, and removing the “bloat & spyware”. What you now have is a completely new open source ROM, Increased performance (over 4000 points on AnTuTu), and the “PWNAGE Promise” Guarantee!


But thats not it. You also get the awesome PWNAGE Project company policies too! We believe that if you Bought it, YOU own it. And thats why every device comes rooted and unlocked. But we don’t stop there. You can add, remove, change or mod the pre-installed software including the PWNAGE ROM! And all without voiding your warranty!

List Price: $274.99 USD
New From: 0 Out of Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

For all the Android developers out there. All PWNAGE devices are development tools! Don’t waste your time modding, unlocking and rooting your test devices. Spend your time developing with a system that is designed for you.

Available only on Get your PWNAGE JXD today!

How Much Do We Bench? -PWNAGE Li Benchmark Scores

How Much do we Bench? - The PWNAGE Project


We’ve been bragging about our PWNAGE Li for a while now, but we understand that up until this point it’s just been talk.  Talk is cheap.

We have officially completed our custom ROM (built by Ray ‘neomode’ Trunk in cooperation with, and have tested the benchmarks running on a production model PWNAGE Li™.  We’ll just let the numbers speak for themselves:


Antutu Benchmark Overall Score: 19667

  • 2D Score: 1707
  • 3D Score: 4274


Epic Citadel Benchmark Score: 53.1


 3DMark Benchmark Scores:

  • ICE STORM Normal: 4156
  • ICE STORM Extreme: 3029


 How Much do we Bench?

According to our results, we believe that we currently have the fastest RK3188 tablet available, due to our optimized ROM.  No bloatware and no

Indiegogo Referral Contest!

The PWNAGE Project™ is excited to announce the first of our REFERRAL CONTESTS!  You will find our contest under the “Updates” tab on our Indiegogo campaign for the PWNAGE Li™ gaming device.  You can win a free PWNAGE Li™ gaming device AND help us reach our goal.


  • The first of our referral competitions runs from today, October 3rd until noon (PST) Tuesday October 8.
  • The top referrers will be ranked based on the total number of people they have referred to our campaign and the total dollar amount of contributions raised by these referrals.
  • To start referring***, share the campaign link (below the video on the PWNAGE Project’s Indiegogo home page) through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, E-Mail, and any other way you can think of to spread the news to your network.  MAKE SURE YOU USE THAT SPECIFIC LINK SO WE CAN TRACK YOUR REFERRALS!
  • We will publish a regular leader board on our update page.
    • 1st prize for the top referrer is a free PWNAGE Li™ gaming system, and a personalized certificate of appreciation from the PWNAGE Project™ team.
    • 2nd prize gets a limited edition PWNAGE Project™ hat.
    • 3rd prize gets a limited edition PWNAGE Project™ t-shirt.
    • Anyone in the world can participate, wherever you are.

***Important Note: You can only be tracked as a referrer if you are logged into an Indiegogo account when you use any of the “Share Tools” on our campaign. You can also copy and paste the PWNAGE Project’s campaign URL displaying in your browser’s address bar, as long as you are copying the URL that displays when you are logged into your Indiegogo account.

Anyone that does not have an Indiegogo account can still have your referrals tracked once you’ve contributed to our campaign. You will be presented with a special URL immediately after contributing (on the completed contribution landing page, under “Spread the word!”) that you can copy and share with your network.


This contest is advertised on the following websites:

The PWNAGE Project – Indiegogo Campaign

indiegogo campaign - The PWNAGE Project

SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The PWNAGE Project Launches Indiegogo Campaign for World’s First and Only Open Source Gaming Tablet, the PWNAGE Li

indiegogo campaign - The PWNAGE Project

indiegogo campaign – The PWNAGE Project

Today marks the kickoff of the highly anticipated Indiegogo campaign for the PWNAGE Li, the first tablet PC that provides total freedom in a gaming device. “The PWNAGE Li is a true three-in-one device. Not only is it a powerful hand-held and console gaming system, it provides all the functionality of a tablet PC, excels as an Android development tool, and is the first gaming tablet fully developed with Open Source solutions to run on true Open Source technology. We plan to raise $300,000 through Indiegogo and to ship the first PWNAGE Li by February of 2014,” said Matt Leandro, founder of the PWNAGE Project.

*All movies and screenshots taken using ‘beta’ version of PWNAGE custom ROM.

Facebook Like Promotion

The PWNAGE Project - Facebook 'Like' Promotion.

The PWNAGE Project is pleased to announce our Facebook Like Promotion.

Like our Facebook Page and win a Free PWNAGE Li Game System.

To start Saturday September 7th, 2013

The PWNAGE Project’s

Facebook Like Promotion


We’re trying to change the world… but in order to do that we need to let the world know about The PWNAGE Project, and what it is we’re doing. And we’re looking to Web Media and social media to help do that. Social Media has a lot of great features for people to show if they like or support what your doing and in return, keeps those people up to date with current news about you.
So in an effort to gain more Facebook Likes we’re doing a special promotion. EVERYONE who likes us on Facebook will be eligible to win a FREE PWNAGE Li Game System! And you’ll get it for Pre-pre pre release! AKA our planned developers release (beta-software).

YES everyone who likes us, even those who already liked us! Just go to

Now don’t think you’re gonna be getting some janky alpha or beta device. We’ve been done with our hardware design for a couple months now and only working on our ROM (firmware), The PWNAGE Plaza Marketplace Community apps and interfaces, and our internal customer support system. Which is close to complete!

The PWNAGE Project - Facebook 'Like' promotion.


Free Software Foundation

Free Software Foundation - Campaign Banner

“The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all free software users.”

The PWNAGE Project supports the Free Software Foundation, and we are taking some time away for the project to present part of what the FSF is all about. The FSF, founded by Richard Stallman, the “Father of the Free Software Movement”, and the Founder of GNU, which is used in the GNU/Linux Operating System.

“The FSF’s campaigns target important opportunities for free software adoption and development, empower people against specific threats to their freedom, and move us closer to a free society.”

Free Software Foundation - Campaign Banner

The Free Software Foundation serves the community in a multitude of functions namely by;

  • Maintaining  the ‘Free Software Definition. and historic ‘Free Software’ articles.
  • Sponsors the GNU Project, of which it holds a large amount of the copyrights,
  • Sponsors ‘Savannah‘ the free software source code repository,
  • Publishes the GNU General Public Licence, and many other licences,
  • Campaigns against proprietary software and for Free Software.

The last point is the part which we really want to bring to your attention in this article.

“The Free Software Foundation is working to secure freedom for computer users by promoting the development and use of free (as in freedom)

Welcome to the future of Android Gaming…

PWNAGE Li Unveiling

Introducing the PWNAGE Li Game System

The PWNAGE Project is pleased to announce, unveil, and maybe even brag about the PWNAGE Li Game System.

The PWNAGE Li is the first of its kind…

Never before have consumers had complete control over their device. Each and every system comes rooted, and we give you complete unrestricted access to use it however you wish. Want to remove programs or apps you don’t use? No problem. Modify or even change the ROM? That’s fine too. And it doesn’t void your warranty! We even have a free system restore tool, just in case… wink wink!

PWNAGE Li Unveiling

A game system like no other

For the first time consumers have a device made with the newest technology, showcasing all that Free and Open Source Software has to offer. Don’t worry, as we stated before, we never limit what you can use on the PWNAGE Li and anyone would still have access to Google Play if they want.

A Gaming Tablet PC

With a 1.9 GHz quad-core RockChip RC3188 Processor, a full 2 Gigs of RAM and a ton of other hardware and software updates, the PWNAGE Li is more than a match for any other hand held on the market. Then add in our TRUE 1080p HDMI & Wireless HDMI support, and fully support 3G wireless and now we’re competing with the big dogs…

Display Screen 7.0 inch 16:9 HD 5point capacitive TN touch screen; G+P touch panel | 1600W colors
Touch Screen 7 inch Capacitive Display( 5 points,P+G)
Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels
CPURockChip RK3188 Quad Core Cortex A9@1.6GHZ
GPUMali400 MP4 GPU, surpporting OpenGL ES1.1/ 2.0 and OpenVG1.1 up to 600MHZ
Storage8GB Internal Storage | Mini-SD Up to 32GB
Operating System Android 4.2.2 PWNAGE Li Edition - Made By
NetworkWI-FI | External 3G Support | Bluetooth
Ports1080P HDMI Output w/ Wireless HDMI Support | Mini USB | USB |3.5 MM Headphone jack
Other Functions G-Sensor- Three axis Gravity Acceleration Sensor | Web / Camera Front & HD Camera on Back
-This is not the complete list of features…

Awesome new Features for the Community

The PWNAGE Li features The PWNAGE MarketPlace Community, a one-stop-shop to download free and paid games, apps, mods, etc. But is more than just a simple Market, it is also a Community site as well. Here are some of the great features you’ll see:

The PWNAGE Project & Logo


With the The PWNAGE Project’s new PWNAGE Li Gaming Tablet coming up for release at the end of this year (2013), we’ve been hard at work designing and securing the best Free and Open Source Software the community has to offer. And we must say its coming along! But that’s a different announcement. We want to talk about ROM’s. And speaking of ROM’s, one of the first things most hackers (advanced users) tend to do is root their system and install a custom ROM.

Well there’s no need to root it because the Li ships straight from the factory rooted. And there’s no need to go to looking for an after market ROM for the PWNAGE Li, it already has one!

The PWNAGE Project &

We are pleased to announce that will be partnering with The PWNAGE Project to create the Official ROM for the PWNAGE Game System!

That’s right, featuring Rainer ‘neomode’ Trunk & Robert ‘Finless Bob’ White are building a brand new ROM that will ship stock with each and every PWNAGE Li System!

Who is you say? Well unless you’ve been in a hole for the last two years, everyone knows who they are., hands down are some of the best custom ROM developers on the planet, and have over 115 ROM’s for tablet PC’s to TV sticks to their credit. And have a plethora of awesome Android knowledge filed away in their forums. was originally founded in 2011 by Bob White and Will James as Forum to share knowledge and help other people with their android devices. In December 2012 announced that it would be closing for budgetary reasons. Upon hearing this, then Developer Member Rainer ‘neomode’ Trunk, contacted Bob White and offered to assist with the cost and host the site on his server. They are now partners for the new site. And the rest is internet history…

The PWNAGE Project – Announcement from Leandro Inc.

The PWNAGE Project - Take Your Game Anywhere

Today, Leandro Inc. is officially announcing The PWNAGE Project! Which we have been planning and working on for the past few months.Most clearly stated “The PWNAGE Project’s” purpose is to design, develop, manufacture and market the Ultimate Video Game System.The PWNAGE Game System will be the next generation in video gaming. A hand-held and a console system in one! Built with the latest technologies and the rock solid Android OS. This platform will give you a gaming experience that will leave you in awe…

Why do we need a new platform?

So we’re sure your thinking, ‘why do we need a new game platform?’ There are already so many.

The gaming industry is in a state of complacency.

Think about it. When was the last truly innovative advance in gaming? How often does it happen? And is it the little guys breaking out with new technology and  products or the major companies? Its not that the big companies don’t have the resources to create new advances. After all, they’re huge companies, and gaming is all they do and have done for years.

Its that they make more money selling you the same system and games repackaged and a little more powerful over and over again. So basicly it doesn’t pay to be innovative and on the cutting edge. And that’s what these huge corporations are all about. Profit…

The major players in gaming have made it almost impossible for new comers to create games.

The major console and even to a point the PC gaming companies have made it extremely difficult for the guy in his living room to publish games. Years ago anyone could create a great game and publish it. They’re at the top and want to stay at the top. The reason… control. And how do they do this? Make SDKs and developer kits unreachable for the average new developer. And close off their systems as closed source. You don’t like their interface? Well too bad, your stuck with it. Because if you change it you void your warranty.

So what makes the us different from the competition? A LOT!

Well, we’re here to show the gaming industry and the world, that you don’t have to be a massive or established company to create awesome games, or the consoles that they play on.

Freedom and Choice